Furniture & Cabinets

Let your imagination fly and let our experience offer the best solutions​ to make your ideas a reality. In designing your ideal cabinetry and furniture we apply CAD (computer aided design) and CNC (automated machine cutting) to plan and deliver fast and accurate results with minimum on-site inconveniences.

Common Projects: 

  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility Cabinets

  • Storage Systems and Mechanisms (ie Dishware, Glasses, Liquor and Wine Bottles, IT equipment, Entertainment equipment

  • Cap-rails, Covering boards, Trims, Moldings, General Woodworking 

  • Painting, Finishing, Rebuild, Modifications,      Repair

  • Corean, Granite, Stones, Acrylic, Coosa, and other common as well exotic solid materials. 

  • Room and Detail Digital Scanning

  • Shower Installations including walls and floors

  • Upholstery

  • Fiberglass and fiberglass materials




Headliner Scanning Gray 300x227.jpg
Digitization and Design

Onsite Laser Scanning of Existing Overhead Conditions allows Comprehensive Design and Accurate Fabrication of Overhead Panel and Ground Systems for any environment or application.

Ground Framing System

A Fixed Framing Layer above the Headliner Panels allows for Flexible Panel Sizes and Arrangements as well as a Foundation for Securing Audio, Video and Lighting Equipment. 

Removable Panel Layout

Removable Overhead Panels Allow Quick Access to all Concealed Plenum Systems and Equipment without any visible fasteners

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