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Deck Digitizing.png
Design and Machine Cutting

Patterns and Digital Scans are used to document critical details when fabricating a new deck. These digital scans are also used for CNC machining of parts. 

Teak Deck Panels 300x227.jpg
Offsite Panel Building 

Assembly and Prefabrication of teak decking occurs inside our facility.  The Teak decks are caulked and disassembled into glass-reinforced panels for transportation. 

Swim Plateform Installed.jpg

Fitted panels & trim are delivered to the boat. Substrates are prepped for proper bonding. Teak decking components are glued and finish sanded. 


Esthec Decking.jpg
Composite Decking

Low maintenance, high durability composite decking options are available in many colors from traditional to more contemporary. Seam grooves also come in a variety of colors and are milled into the base material allowing unparalleled freedom for design and functionality.

Ipe Decking 3.jpg
Exterior Wood Decking

Rot, decay, and insect resistant wood species may be used to build exterior decking projects untreated or can be finished to prevent natural weathering. Wood Deck planking is properly spaced to account for expansion and contraction caused by environmental forces.

Interior Flooring Teak and Holly.jpg
Interior Wood Flooring

Interior Yacht Floors aren't limited to strip & plank or teak & holly, but, can be designed and built in a wide variety of woods and styles. We offer durable, gym-grade finishing for longevity as well as acoustic insulation, framing, sub-floor and baseboard fabrication if needed.

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